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If you are a person with dysphagia, care for someone with dysphagia, or are an SLP, medical professional, home health care provider, nurse, or are a facilitator of an organization that supports people who struggle with dysphagia and would like a sample of Clear DysphagiAide®, please contact us at 1-800-948-5131  or 

e-mail us using the form below.  Be sure to provide ALL information.

These samples are intended for people who really need the product.  If you are visiting our site because you found us on a FREE SAMPLE website or Facebook Page, please reconsider requesting a  free sample and leave more for those who care for people with dysphagia and for people who need beverage thickeners.  Thank you.

SLPs and Healthcare Professionals can request a free Clear DysphagiAide patient-ready box of samples for their clients/patients.

SLPs and Healthcare Professionals can request free samples of Clear DysphagiAide for their clients/patients.

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