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What is Dysphagia

Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe difficulty swallowing. People with dysphagia may have difficulty safely swallowing liquids and foods. DysphagiAide can help.

Causes of Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty)

Difficulty swallowing can be caused by stroke, dementia, and  Alzheimer's disease, among many other diagnoses.  Dysphagia poses a potential danger of aspiration and choking while increasing the likelihood of dehydration. 

Our Thickeners

We offer two different thickeners now.  Regular DysphagiAide is  still the lowest cost in the market  (starch based), but has limitations just like other starch products.  Our latest product is our CLEAR DysphagiAide.  It is  the clearest and absolute best value in the market.  Ask for a free sample and see for yourself!

Regular DysphagiAide Product Features

  • dissolves easy in beverages
  • maintains thickness over time
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • unflavored
  • use in hot or cold beverages

CLEAR DysphagiAide Product Features

  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • Non GMO
  • Only 1 carb per serving
  • Works in just about every beverage
  • Maintains thickness over time
  • Works in hot and cold beverages

CLEAR DysphagiAide - Best Value

Clearest thickener in the market offering a great quality of life.  

ERB Unlimited LLC

We are a private woman-owned company that was started with one purpose:  to offer the healthcare consumer a great quality product at a severe discount.  We don't have stockholders to answer to or need big corporate profits.  We believe that if we make high quality products at a reduced price, you will purchase and use them to improve your (or your loved ones) quality of life.

DysphagiAide (starch) - Best Price

Same starch as some of the national brands, just a much better PRICE.

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