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Improving The Quality of Life for People with Dysphagia

For those who leave the healthcare facility with dysphagia (swallowing difficulty), options are very limited and ultra expensive.  Most retailers only offer a corn starch thickener near the pharmacy section of the store.  Product quality of modified corn starch thickeners is poor to say the least and it doesn't work in beverages like:  soda, wine, beer and Mira LAX®.  The one product that we all drink the most of is water.  When you mix corn starch thickener in water, the result is not pleasurable.  The mixed water and modified corn starch doesn't look like water and certainly doesn't taste like water (see picture to left).   This is one reason why people with dysphagia don't drink or risk aspiration.  Can you blame them?  Would you drink water, tea, juice or other beverages that didn't look or taste like what they are supposed to?   

Now is the time for a better beverage and food thickener for those with diagnosed swallowing difficulties.  A thickener that doesn't change the appearance, can be used in numerous products mentioned above and is affordable and ease to use.   CLEAR DysphagiAide™ not only makes products look and taste like they should, but it is the lowest price in the market and available at numerous Walmart stores.  We believe our product improves quality of life with a clear beverage, does not leave a funny aftertaste and that works in many beverages (both hot and cold) like:  soda, wine, beer, Mira LAX®, Benefiber® , juices, coffee, tea and many more.  

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